Kulnine Homestead Renovations is a privately owned company that has been operational in New Zealand since 2001. We have a skilled team with a lot of experience and are dedicated to helping our clients meet their specific needs. Many home renovators don’t last long in this industry because it is not easy to match the existing finishes, materials, and tolerances in renovations works. At Kulnine, we know how best to overcome these challenges in the most amazing way and that is why we have been able to stay in this industry for so long and market leaders.


To provide renovation works of high quality to our clients through an enjoyable transformation process.

Kulnine is dedicated to offering the best quality services available in the renovation projects to every client of their regardless of their status or the size of their projects. We are not just satisfied by delivering, the experience that our clients go through the entire process is as important to us as the final product.


To make it impossible to differentiate between renovated building and a new building

Our limits will only be reached when one will not be able to tell if a building is a new one or it was just renovated. As company, we are always involved in many researches and new technologies are what we always look upon. With research and technology, in future we shall be able to do away with all the challenges of renovations and this is the point when renovated homes and new homes will look exactly the same.

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